Benefits for older people from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Older people in need of care are entitled to apply for a number of non means tested benefits from the Department of Work and Pensions. There are also a number of other relevant benefits which although means tested are also age related.


Older People need to remember that if they are assessed by a local authority either for Community Care Services or more structured Residential Care they are assumed to be both claiming and receiving all relevant non means tested benefits.


The relevant non means tested benefits include for those over the age of 65 Attendance Allowance, for those under 65 Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence payments. There can be added to these benefits Constant Attendance Allowance, Winter Fuel Payments and State Pension Payments.


Other Age related benefits but which are means tested include Pension Credit and Carers Allowance. Additional benefits may also apply.


Approximately £19 billion worth of welfare benefits remain unclaimed each year. Included in this sum is £6 billion which remains unclaimed by older people.


Age related non means tested benefits


Attendance Allowance

This entitlement exists if you are aged 65 plus. There are two weekly rates.

Disability Living Allowance

This entitlement exists if you are under the age of 65. There are three rates for care and two rates for mobility.

Constant Attendance Allowance

This is available if you are in receipt of 100% Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit or an 80% war Disablement Pension. It can affect entitlement to other benefits.

State Pension

Subject to age and having been credited with sufficient National Insurance contributions during your working years you will be entitled to a full State Pension.

Winter Fuel Payments

If you were born before the 6th July 1951 you will receive this payment to help with your winter fuel.


Age related relevant means tested benefits


Pension Credits

This is a benefit paid by the government to increase your income to a minimum amount per week which the government says you need to live on.

Carers Allowance

If you care for a spouse/civil partner, friend or neighbour then you may be entitled to this allowance.


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