Protection of your assets in old age

There are a number of things that can be done by abdcare to help manage your affairs and also shelter and mitigate your position if elderly care should be required.

abdcare will always advise you on the elderly care system and understand your income and capital resources. Thereafter and if relevant advice will be provided for the purposes of sheltering assets and mitigating long-term care costs on such things as:-


>Houses - how the ownership of your house should be structured.


>Wills - to make sure that they are up to date and reflect how you best protect assets for the benefit of next generation.


>Lasting Powers of Attorney - and in particular who you want to help you if the need should arise.


>Living Wills - and whether you want to give directions to doctors, relatives and friends in respect of medical interventions or not if the need should arise.


>Pensions - Appointment out of occupational pension income to spouses to allow them to look after the family home if you should need long-term residential care.


>Investments - Point you in the correct direction to have your investment portfolio reviewed for the purposes of making your money last longer. 



An individual's requirements depend entirely on personal circumstances.  



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