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The start?

abdcare exists as a direct result of the ageing demographic and the need to focus on the legal needs of both the elderly and not so elderly. At it’s core the job of abdcare is to navigate and explain to people the evolution which is taking place in the minefield which is the elderly care system in this country and matters associated with it.

Issues relevant to elderly care include protecting the individual, their spouse/partner, the next generation and others from the jugernaught which is the cost of community based care, more structured residential care and NHS care.

Associated issues related to elderly care include elder abuse whether it be, financial, psychological, physical, sexual, neglect, institutional or discriminatory. Family fall outs as a result of competing interests or different views frequently occur. There are then issues relevant to carers, assessments by institutions such as the local authority and the NHS. DWP benefits for the elderly, rights at work and financial planning are all relevant to an ageing demographic.

This is where a leading regional firm of solicitors with a pedigree dating back to circa 1750 and its branded managed department abdcare can help.

The Present?

abdcare majors on being as instant as it can be in providing advice, explanations and the production of solutions in respect of elderly care issues.

Issues surrounding the Care Act 2014 it’s 8 schedules and 21 regulations and supporting Statutory Mandatory Guidance forms a major part in peoples concerns. Deferred payment arrangements, assessments and will the house be taken into account are key areas where the elderly and others want advice. Protective measures and solutions for those in need of care and their carers include Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Appointing out of Pension income. In the case of disputes, mediation is key and a cheaper alternative to the court system. Advising on and accessing the relevant departments and their people in a local authority, the NHS and others is all part of what abdcare do.

The Future?

The future is focused entirely on refining and improving what abdcare already does. In particular the pursuit of perfection given the backdrop which is an ageing demographic with it’s ever increasing needs in a system which requires at its core a financial contribution from the individual.

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